About Us
Welcome to M8!
M8 is an all-new community marketplace that offers a new, easy and convenient way to get the best deals for the things you want!
Our beliefs
We believe in making your online shopping experience fun and hassle-free. Our website is built to be straightforward and easy to navigate, and if you ever need help we have a comprehensive FAQ and a customer support team that will be happy to help you.
In line with our aim to offer an excellent online shopping experience, we will also offer benefits to our privileged prepaid subscribers. These benefits include:
Exclusive deals for either purchase or redemption,
The convenience of online credit reload, and
Hot items for all other registered members.
All for you
At M8, we want to provide subscribers with fun ways to get what they want at the price they want. We are also constantly growing, so look out for further developments from us!

Join us now to start this rewarding experience!

For more information, browse our FAQ here.