FAQ for Reward Points

Earned quite a few points and ready to do a Redemption? Find out how with the FAQs below.

Q1. How to use your Reward Points?

To use the Redemption, just follow this step-by-step guide:
At the Redemption page, select a product and click Buy Now.
At the payment page, enter the quantity that you wish to buy (for example: 1 for 1 unit, 2 for 2 units).
Select Pay with Rewards Points. The rewards points section will appear.
Select the Mobile Number you wish to use points from.
Enter the number of points you want to use and click Proceed to Payment.
Follow the on screen instruction to complete your purchase.
  1. What are Reward Points?
  2. Reward Points are earned from using Buzzme mobile prepaid services. Users may use the accumulated points to redeem for airtime credit or to purchase items from m8. For details, please visit www.buzzme.com.my.
  1. How do I get Reward Points?
  2. It’s easy. Purchase a Buzzme mobile prepaid SIM and start using it to earn Reward Points.
  1. How do I redeem my Reward Points on m8?
  2. You can redeem Reward Points when you purchase an item from our Redemption. At the payment page, you will have the option of entering the number of Reward Points you wish to redeem for the purchase. Terms and conditions apply. See the tutorial for more detailed instructions.
  1. How can I check my Reward Points?
  2. If you have already setup your Buzzme Self Care account, just login using the same credential and click on the MY Point tab to view the Reward points you have accumulated or dial *126# on your Buzzme mobile phone.