FAQ for Self-care

m8 Self-care allows you to easily manage and monitor your account. Read the FAQs below to find out how!

Q1. How to login to self-care?

To use the self-care, just follow this step-by-step guide:
Go to Self-care.
Enter your mobile number and IC number. Make sure these numbers are correct, then click Submit.
A validation code will be sent to your mobile number. Enter this code and click Confirm.
You are now logged in to Self-care!
  1. Can you please explain Self-care to me?
  2. Self-care is divided into four sections:
    My Profile
    - this section contains basic information about your account, including your personal details and the plan that you are subscribed to.
    My Usage
    - In this section, you can view the transactions you have made with your account, including details on data, voice and SMS usage.
    My BFF
    - Here you can add your family and friends to your BFF list, giving you greater deals when you interact with them using your m8 line!
    My Points - In this section you can view the total number of points you have accumulated with your account, and when they expire.
    - You can manage certain aspects of your account from each of these sections.
  1. I recently moved to a new home. How do I change my address via Self-care?
  2. Go to My Profile and under Personal Details, click the Edit Profile button. Change your information, then click Submit.
  1. I need to check the details on the voice calls I’ve made over the past two weeks. How do I do that?
  2. Go to My Usage. Under the Show menu, select Voice. Then select the time span you require from the Date range section, and click Show. You can also do this for Data and SMS – simply choose the desired field from the Show menu.
  1. How do I add my friend to My BFF list?
  2. Go to My BFF. Click the Add New Number button. Enter your friend’s number in the empty field in the pop-up window, then click Add. Please note that you are only allowed to add other Buzzme subscribers. The first 10 numbers you add will be free, but the 11th onwards will be charged RM2 per number.