FAQ for Redemption

The Redemption is an exciting way for our subscribers to get the best deals on products that they want. The catch is that these items are sold in limited quantities and with a limited timeframe. Once the countdown for each item hits zero, the item is no longer available. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Redemption page now!

Q1. How do I use the Redemption?

To use the Redemption, just follow this step-by-step guide:
Log in to your M8 account.
Go to the Redemption page
Choose a product category
Choose an item that you like (you may view the product info by clicking on the item). Make sure the timer is still running!
To buy an item, click “Buy Now”
Confirm the number of items you want to buy, select a shipping method and click “Checkout”
Pay for your item(s) via your selected payment vendor
  1. Am I eligible for Redemptions?
  2. All registered M8 members are eligible for Redemptions. If you are not a registered member, sign up now!
  1. Can I buy more than one (1) Redemption at a time?
  2. Yes, you can if the item has no restriction on quantity allowed per member. To buy more than one of the same item, just specify the amount you want before you checkout (subject to availability and terms of the item). Different items need to be bought separately.